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*Zona 1 (Europa e Bacino del Mediterraneo) Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgio, Bielorussia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bulgaria, Cipro, Croazia, Danimarca, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Gibilterra, Gran Bretagna, Grecia, Irlanda, Islanda, Lettonia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Lussemburgo, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norvegia, Olanda, Polonia, Portogallo, Repubblica Ceca, Romania, Serbia, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Spagna, Svezia, Svizzera, Ucraina, Ungheria.

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Risultati immagini per usaUSA shipping Cost
Ship (U.S.) $ 30 for packaging about 1kg


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The International Recommended times vary according to the target area are as follows:

     Europe: 6 DAYS + working to shipping for '85% of items;
     Countries of the Mediterranean basin: + 10 working days of dispatch for the '85% of items;